Thursday, October 11, 2012

No One Should Have Been Surprised By 2012

Looking back over the last twelve months, no one in The Nation should have been surprised by the way the 2012 season turned out. An epic September 2011 collapse, the revelations of 'ChickenAndBeerGate', a convoluted and overly-long manager's search, early warnings that the 'Bobby V. Way' was not playing well, and a brutal string of key injuries. What the heck were we expecting? Add to all of this a myopic, detached ownership group that had more concern with 'pitches' on foreign soil than the effectiveness of foreign-born 'pitchers' here at home. All of this adds up to a recipe for disaster. And, boy did we get one. The worst record since Felix Mantilla was anchoring second base for the Carmine Hose. Yikes. We should have seen it coming. Actually, some of us did. Just sayin'.