Thursday, October 11, 2012

New FN Book On 2012: 'Cold Oatmeal—Part I'

The Editor's New Book On 2012
When asked to describe the awkward Seattle breakfast meeting between himself and Red Sox Principal Owner John Henry, Bobby Valentine said he was shocked at the "cold oatmeal" he was served. Of course, there could not be a better metaphor for the 2012 Red Sox season than that: cold oatmeal from the first day of Spring Training to the final ignominious October loss. Taking Bobby V.'s comments as a cue, FenwayNation's Editor-In-Chief has published a new book detailing our take on the dismal 2012 campaign. The first volume—'Cold Oatmeal (Part I)—Boston's Lost Season'—is now available for purchase. The first volume takes you from the early warning signs in March through the All-Star break. Later in the year, we will release Volume II, which will chronicle events from the break through October 3rd. You can purchase a heapin' helpin' of Cold Oatmeal HERE.