Friday, October 26, 2012

Bogie To Bobby V.: "Here's Looking At You"

Tim Bogar
After being tagged as a back-stabbing malcontent by Bobby Valentine, former Red Sox bench coach Tim Bogar decided to fight back. Fearing his reputation had been besmirched by the former Boston manager, Bogar set the record straight in an interview with Said Bogar:

"...the only bad communication was between Bobby and everyone. The rest of the communication was great. I talked to the players daily about stuff. We talked about everything. The coaches talked about everything. The coaching staff was prepared to do everything that we were supposed to do to help Bobby succeed, but not once did he portray what he wanted us to do to help him and eventually he shut some of us out completely."

Bogar has been told he will not be the bench coach going forward (Torey Lovullo is a shoe-in for that role), after he just turned down the same job with the Astros. Bogar should land somewhere soon—hopefully free of the stain left on him by Bobby V.