Monday, October 22, 2012

Aviles Thinks Iglesias Can Do The Job At Short

Aviles At A BoSox Club Luncheon (FN Photo)
After the initial shock, Mike Aviles was OK with the trade that sent him to the Great White North. In an interview with the Globe's Peter Abraham, Aviles expressed excitement at the prospect of getting more playing time in Toronto. He also claimed that there was no rancor among the players either during the September 2011 collapse or the horrific 2012 season. But most interesting of all was his endorsement of his likely replacement—Jose Iglesias. Said Aviles, "I like Jose a lot. I was planning to talk to him a lot in the winter and I still will. He can do the job and I hope they give him the chance. It's fun to watch him play." We second that emotion.