Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sandberg Should Be Red Sox Managerial Choice

IronPig Skipper Ryne Sandberg
In 2010, the Red Sox interviewed Hall of Famer Ryne Sandberg for their open AAA Pawtucket managerial job. They were impressed, but opted to promote from within with Arnie Beyeler—who, by the way, has done a great job. This off-season, they should not pass on Sandberg again. They should make him their major league manager. The former Cub All-Star has now managed for five years in the minor leagues—compiling a .518 winning percentage (438-408). He will immediately command respect from both young and veteran ballplayers in the clubhouse. He will be a credible "name" for the fanbase and the media. His taciturn reputation as a player has been transformed into one of a savvy, assertive on-field boss and a leader who can communicate with players. This latter characteristic is probably the single most important trait in a modern skipper. Of course, Sandberg would have to be assured by Ben Cherington that he can truly impose a new culture on the Carmine Hose. He has the managerial experience, is still relatively young (52), can lead, and is a legitimate baseball presence. We need all of that. After being shunned by the Cubs organization, Sandberg has found a home in the Phillies system. He is considered the successor to Charlie Manuel—but Charlie's not going anywhere for a while. Boston should snap up Sandberg as quickly as possible after October 3rd.