Friday, September 7, 2012

REPORT: Scioscia Back-Up Sox Manager Choice

Exclusive FenwayNation Photo
According to a report in USA Today, if the Red Sox cannot corral their number one choice for 2013 manager—Toronto's John Farrell—they'd look to Angels manager Mike Scioscia as their next choice. Both Farrell and Scioscia are currently under contract to their teams—Farrell through 2013, Scioscia through 2018. However, the fact that both the Jays and Angels have performed below expectations has caused some to suggest that both are on the ropes and can be had by other teams. Both would likely require significant compensation to be snared by the Red Sox. For the record, the author of the USA Today article—Bob Nightengale—has previously suggested that Scioscia is a "perfect match" for Boston.