Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More Than Usual Obnoxious New Yorkers Due

Typical Species Of Yankee Fan Being Ejected
Brace yourself, New England! You are about to be overwhelmed by hordes (and we do mean hordes) of distasteful residents of the 212 area code over the next few days. New York media outlets are alerting fans of the Pinstriped Posers that "plenty of Fenway seats" are available for the upcoming three-game series in Boston. They are calling on fans of The Evil Ones to swarm the Hub and turn Fenway into—are you ready?—"Bronx North". What!? First of all, Fenway is northeast of the blighted borough the Spankees call home. Secondly, you can actually walk back to your car in Boston/Brookline after a night game. Wanna make that same sojourn from The Concrete Bunker On 161st Street? Not bloody likely. And we do mean bloody.