Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Keeping It In Perspective—The Mariner Factor

As our Carmine Hose go on a 3 out of 4 tear, it's instructive to keep things in perspective. First of all, the Red Sox need to run the table over the last 14 games to get to .500. Secondly, we need to remember that the Seattle Mariners have won three more games than Boston—the Mariners. You know, that team tucked up in the upper left hand corner of America? Remember them? Seattle's rankings (among the 30 MLB teams) are:

• 29th in runs (561);
• 30th in batting average (.233);
• 30th in on-base percentage (.294);
• 30th in slugging percentage (.365).

And this team is ahead of us! By three games! That's how bad 2012 is. To (dramatically) paraphrase Pulp Fiction's Winston Wolf character: "Let's not get too excited about this, OK?"