Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Holy Flexibility, Batman! Sox Owe Just $45.6M

After the 'Punto Trade' (kudos to John Dennis of WEEI for coming up with that simpler moniker), we all knew the Red Sox would have unprecedented payroll flexibility going forward. After dumping a quarter of a billion dollars on the Dodgers, they were moving into a whole new payroll neighborhood. It's just shocking to see who their neighbors are for 2013. According to the authoritative Cot's Contracts, Boston is now nestled in 20th place (between the Rockies and the Cubs) in total 2013 payroll obligations at a 'mere' $45.6 million. Their Lee County mates, the Twinkies, way outpace them at $68.3 million! Even the almost-in-first-place Orioles have a bigger obligation at $53.2 million. This whole situation just gets stranger and stranger. In a good way.