Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bobby V. Unloads On Critics In Radio Interview

Is Bobby Going Captain Queeg?
Bobby Valentine said he was 'personally hurt' by allegations that he showed up late (3:30 PM) to the ballpark in Oakland, since he was waiting to meet his son's plane—which arrived late. Moreover, he asserted that Joe Madden, manager of the Tampa Bay Rays, gets to the park at 4PM every day and never gets criticized. Valentine seemed in a particularly combative mood in the interview on The Big Show/WEEI 93.7. When asked if his lateness showed he was "checking out" on the season, Valentine said to The Big Show's Glenn Ordway: "If I was there I'd punch you right in the mouth!" When told that respected beat writers like the Globe's Nick Cafardo wrote about the lateness issue, Bobby V. responded: "That's really embarrassing. I'll see him when I get out there. That's cheap journalism, isn't it?" When asked if his Seattle breakfast with John Henry was productive, he sarcastically responded: "It was a very disappointing breakfast. The oatmeal was cold and there was no brown sugar." Why did he allow closer Alfredo Aceves to throw 143 pitchers in five days? Valentine said: "He wasn't my closer at the time. We were trying to stretch Alfredo out. To see if he could start." All in all, a pretty weird and lively interview—which you can listen to HERE.