Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bobby. V. Pinch-Hits For Sanity; Sox Lose, 5-0

Getty Images
Do you get the feeling that Bobby Valentine is trying everything he can to get fired? Today, with two outs in the seventh and a man on second, he pinch-hit for Jose Iglesias in the middle of his at-bat. Daniel Nava took over and promptly made the third out. Is this how you instill confidence in a young player? Valentine's excuse: "Just trying to get a run for Jon, obviously. Told Daniel if (Ciriaco) steals second, you've got it.'' Holy Grady Little, Batman. Jon Lester again pitched well enough to lose–going seven innings and yielding three earned runs in the 5-0 loss. Dustin Pedroia had two of the seven Boston hits. Safely ensconced in the cellar once again, our $190 million Carmine Hose head, who cares?