Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sox Nearly Went 'Bold' on Josh, Jacoby, Kelly

Not Quite "Bold"
Red Sox CEO Larry Luchhino famously told the media that Ben Cherington was "empowered to be bold" at the trade deadline. While Boston basically stood pat on July 31st, they were apparently ready to take a very bold step with the Texas Rangers.'s Rob Bradford reports that Cherington was willing to send beleaguered pitcher Josh Beckett, Boras-shackled OF Jacoby Ellsbury and back-up catcher Kelly Shoppach to the Rangers for an undisclosed package back from Nolan Ryan. Talk about your bold! One would have to speculate that SS Elvis Andrus might have come to Boston—since Texas has an even better player at that position champing at the bit in the minors. But other than that, no one really knows what the Boston haul might have been. Give BenCher credit for at least making the effort to emulate his good buddy's 2004 Nomar Blockbuster.