Monday, August 20, 2012

Jose Iglesias Hitting With Confidence At AAA

Jose Iglesias (AP Photo)
The vaunted "shortstop of the future" for the Boston Red Sox is finally starting to hit. As the Providence Journal's Brian MacPherson points out, Jose Iglesias is hitting .348 in August, with a .423 on-base percentage. Apparently, he is trusting his hands and hitting better when behind in the count. Frankly, who cares? What's the downside of bringing the kid up now to play shortstop full-time for the balance of 2012? Are we going to hurt Mike Aviles' feelings? Aviles has been all the team could have asked for over the last year and a half—but he is not the long-term answer. Iglesias might be. We need to know, since the system is stacked with shortstop prospects—most notably Xander Bogaerts. Bring Iglesias up—now!