Thursday, August 9, 2012

Globe's Wilbur To Sox Owners: "Sell Team!"

In a passionate and visceral column in the Boston Globe, Eric Wilbur lays out a case for the New Ownership Group (NOG) of the Boston Red Sox to sell the team. Detailing the recent history of absentee ownership and preoccupation with things European (Liverpool) and Hillbilly (NASCAR), Wilbur argues that the root problem lies in the executive suites on Yawkey Way. Conceding the two World Championships, Wilbur still believes that the fans need to get "their team back" from a group of carpetbagging out-of-towners. How would the fan base react to the NOG skipping town? If you believe our recent FenwayNation Poll on the topic, it would not be a big deal at all (less than three in ten would give a rat's rear end). Will John Henry and company unload the Carmine Hose for a cool $1.5 billion or so (doubling their initial investment)? Another year like this one might make the decision for them.