Thursday, August 30, 2012

Daniel Bard Is Back In 'The Show' On Thursday

Daniel Bard Back In 'The Show'
Daniel Bard has struggled mightily in his long slug through the minor leagues this summer. His ERA is north of seven, and he's walked about as many batters as he's struck out. He's no longer the 100-MPH stud who seemed the heir apparent to Jonathan Papelbon. So, who exactly is Bard now that he's back on the big club's roster? The only way to know is to put him into meaningful situations in the remaining 30 or so games (if any of these contests in September have any meaning). The Red Sox clearly ruined the guy we were so excited about just a year ago. The failed starter experiment was a bust and now we have the results. Let's hope the adrenaline rush of the majors can re-ignite his talent and allow him to be a key piece of the 2013 bullpen.