Monday, August 27, 2012

Cherington Does Not Rule Out Josh Hamilton

Josh A Fenway Fixture In 2013?
Red Sox GM Ben Cherington appeared on WEEI (93.7FM) this morning and did not rule out pursuing a big ticket free agent like Josh Hamilton. “We have to look at anything...The fact is we gave up a fair amount of offense in this deal and we have to find a way to replace that offense." Cherington said the team has the flexibility to pursue both the free agent and trade routes—and may not focus on just one position but a few. He also likened the financial windfall from the trade as a "a big tax refund”, but warned that "you can’t just go spend it in one place or you end up in the same place you were." The presumption had been that—given Cherington's warning about "disciplined" spending going forward—a mega-bucks free agent like Hamilton would be out of the question. Of course, the other issue is whether Josh Hamilton—with all of his issues—would be a good fit in the pressure-cooker atmosphere of Boston.