Friday, August 17, 2012

Callahan Unmasks John Henry's TWITTER Feed

They say you can tell a person's true obsessions by looking at the people they follow on TWITTER. This morning, in a masterful example of investigative journalism, WEEI's Gerry Callahan (of the Dennis & Callahan Morning Show), simply looked at the 13 accounts Red Sox principal owner John Henry follows. Suffice it so say, it's enlightening. Here are the Big Thirteen that John Henry feels obligated to follow:

 1.) Simon Steers ‏ @sisteers—Professional communicator & fanatical Liverpool fan. Write for @ThisIsAnfield & @Paul_Tomkins. All views mine.

 2. ) Jonathan Wilson ‏ @jonawils—Football writer, author of Behind the Curtain, Inverting the Pyramid, the Anatomy of England, and Nobody Ever Says Thank You; editor of The Blizzard

3.) Tony Evans ‏ @TonyEvansTimes—Football Editor of The Times. Author of Far Foreign Land: Pride and passion the Liverpool way. Neutral in the paper, passionate on here. Football should be fun

 4.) Rory Smith ‏ @RorySmithTimes—Football Reporter for the Times, and toffee enthusiast. All views those of former Home and Away heart-throb Dieter Brummer.

 5.) Mind Body Medicine ‏ @BensonHenry—Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital is a leader in the study, advancement,& clinical practice of mind/body medicine.

 6. )Tony Barrett ‏ @TonyBarretTimes—Merseyside football writer for The Times, native of Liverpool and father of the fantastic Sean Patrick. These are all my own views.

 7.) Paul Tomkins ‏ @paul_tomkins—Sportswriter. Baldie. Author of 9 books. From now on, this feed will just be automatically-generated article/news links from

 8.) Swiss Ramble ‏ @SwissRamble—Brit blogging from Switzerland, usually about the business of football.

 9.) Linda Pizzuti ‏ @Linda_Pizzuti

 10.) This Is Anfield ‏ @thisisanfield—Independent Liverpool Football Club Fans Website Online since 2001

 11.) Spirit of Shankly ‏ @spiritofshankly—Spirit of Shankly - Liverpool FC Supporters Union

 12.) ‏ @iRacing—The official twitter feed. Race with us online from your home PC!

 13.) Jack Welch ‏  @jack_welch—Author, Commentator, and Founder of the Jack Welch Management Institute, a business school offering Executive MBA and certificate programs at Strayer University

So, let's see, that's nine soccer-related, one medical, one wife, one entrepreneurial guru, one auto racing and.......ummmm......ZERO BASEBALL.