Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A FenwayNation Editor's Rant: "Really?"

FN Board Member Bill Collins
by Bill Collins, FN Board

There's an old joke: "Do you know the difference between the US government and the boy scouts? The boy scouts have adult leadership". Well, substitute the words "US government" (or whatever organization comes to mind) with "The Red Sox". You can set your watch by the hourly hissy fits and leaks-of-the-day that come out of Yawkey Way. Even if the Sox were to go 40-0 to finish the season, I think they'd be met with a region-wide yawn and a hearty chant of 'Go Brooons!' (assuming they have a season). Yes, the Sox have always been Drama Central, and they've ignited and fanned most of those flames themselves to keep the fans awake and devoted through the good and bad times. But enough is enough. There has to be someone, somewhere in that organization, who can stop the noise. And, no I'm not asking. I'm begging.

Bill Collins is a Personal Chef in Massachusetts. You can find him at ChefBill.com