Monday, July 9, 2012

Youk Is Clear Choice As Returning Sox Player

With the final tally in, Kevin Youkilis is the clear choice as the one former Red Sox player readers want most to have back on the team. As the table shows, 27.2% of FN readers selected Youk, followed by Josh Reddick at 18.5%, Hanley Ramirez at 15.9%, Jonathan Papelbon at 15.2%, Justin Masterson at 12.6%, Jed Lowrie at 4.0%, Derek Lowe at 3.3% and Johnny Damon at 1.3%. Two percent of the sample selected someone else not listed. Clearly, Youkilis' exploits over the last few days boosted his numbers, but his lead is substantial enough that it likely reflects a legitimate solid standing with the fan base.