Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sox Farm Hand Ties Ted's 'Reach Base' Streak

Photo: Jim Donten
Searching for good news in the Red Sox organization is not an easy task these days. So, we look to Single A Salem for some solace this grey Thursday morning in Boston. Salem third baseman Michael Almanzar (it's OK, you can say "Who?") tied Teddy Ballgame's streak of reaching base 16 consecutive times. Almanzar was 12 for 12 with three walks and a hit batsman to achieve the goal before making an out in last night's 6-1 win over the Myrtle Beach Pelicans. Pretty cool, huh? Unfortunately, except for this 15 minutes of fame, Almanzar has been pretty much a bust for the Red Sox. So, maybe we should focus on the fact that—in the same game—really good prospect Xander Bogaerts hit his 14th home run.