Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Red Sox Pursuing Cubbies' Ryan Dempster

Headed To Fenway?
Multiple reports now suggest that the Red Sox are in hot pursuit of Chicago Cubs right-hander Ryan Dempster. If the past is any indication, the desperate Red Sox are likely to get fleeced again by Theo Epstein in this deal—as they were in his own compensation settlement. Dempster is having a stunningly effective year—going 33 straight scoreless innings and leading the majors in ERA (1.86). However, he only ever pitched in the National League and has no experience in the cauldron that is the AL East. One has to wonder whether it's worth renting a guy like this for two months in exchange for some key prospects. After all, Dempster is a sub-.500 career pitcher with a 4.30 ERA. Tread cautiously, BenCher.