Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dalton Jones Panel And Overall Readers Diverge

How are the Carmine Hose doing since the end of last month? It depends on which segment of our readers you ask. If you ask the members of our select Dalton Jones Industrial Average Panel, things have improved—resulting in an Index score of 107.2 (a 7.5 point increase since May). On the other hand, if you broaden the sample to all readers, a much more negative view emerges. Among this group, the Index score is 98.9 (a 0.8 point decrease since May). Essentially, this latter reading expresses the feeling that things are about the same as they were at the end of May.

In general, the overall readership group showed less confidence on all four components of the Index—although both groups expressed very similar levels of confidence on the Boston offense (74.1 among all readers; 77.0 among the Panel). So, depending on who you listen to, things are either about where they were on Memorial Day, or pretty significantly improved. Kind of like the dichotomy you'd hear among all Red Sox fans in this strange year.