Friday, July 27, 2012

Bronx Tilts With Pinstriped Posers Lack Pizzaz

(Alternative-Olympic Opening Ceremonies: NBC 7:30pm -12:00am ET)
Can you think of a Red Sox-Yankee series at the 'Concrete Bunker on 161st Street' that has been less significant than this one? The Carmine Hose sit 10.5 games behind the Evil Ones at the start of this three-game set in the Bronx, and aren't even within hailing distance of the Fake Second Wild Card (hereinafter the FSWC). You can bet your Carl Crawford bobblehead that, tonight, more eyes in The Hub will be watching the Opening Ceremonies from London than the meanderings of Bobby V's minions. We have come to this: watching the Brits carrying a torch is more exciting than watching Nick Punto strike out. Who knew? OK, OK, you want some analysis, right? Tonight, the Sox send Aaron "Trade Bait" Cook to face the mercurial Phil Hughes. Believe it or not, our guy has a better ERA! (3.50 vs. 4.09). Honestly, it would not surprise us at all if the Red Sox sweep the Bronx Embalmers and titillate the Pink Hats enough that BenCher reverts to "buyer" status on Tuesday at 4PM. Yikes!