Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Toxic" Shock Syndrome In Red Sox Clubhouse

Capt. Renault Was "Shocked", Too
Once again, Casablanca's Capt. Louis Renault has made an appearance in the Red Sox Clubhouse. It shouldn't actually be surprising. After all, Theo Epstein's relatives wrote the script. And, as we all know, everything is about the Red Sox anyway. After ESPN's Buster Olney claimed there was a "toxic" atmosphere in the Boston clubhouse, virtually every actual inhabitant of the place poo-pooed the idea that there's any dissension in the player ranks. To paraphrase Renault: "I'm shocked ... shocked to find that grumbling is going on in here." The truth, of course, lies somewhere between rank rebellion and kum-ba-yah. But, if the Summer drones on with the Olde Towne Team still languishing in the cellar, the clubhouse will not be the only place to go "toxic".