Monday, June 4, 2012

Red Sox Select SS Marrero With Their First Pick

Ben Cherington went all-collegiate with his first draft. With their first pick in the 2012 MLB Draft, the Red Sox selected Deven Marrero, a shortstop from Arizona State. He is known as a defensive whiz, but his batting average has dropped over the last two years. He was also considered by some to be the best overall player in the Cape Cod League last year. The Reds drafted Marerro out of high school in 2009, but he did not sign. He is projected by some to be comparable to Arizona's Stephen Drew. With their second first-round pick (#31 overall), the Red Sox selected Brian Johnson, a Junior left-handed pitcher from the Florida Gators. Johnson is also an accomplished DH for Florida. With their compensation pick (for Jonathan Papelbon, who lost tonight) the Red Sox selected RHP Pat Light from Monmouth University in New Jersey. Light was 20-0 at Christian Brothers Academy H.S.