Monday, June 18, 2012

Red Sox Ink Top Draft Pick Marrero For $2.05M

Sox Top Pick Deven Marrero
It's time—once again—to fire up the speculation on the Red Sox logjam at shortstop. Boston has signed its top 2012 draft pick, shortstop Deven Marrero, to a $2.05 million signing bonus. The 24th overall pick out of Arizona State (the same school as Dustin Pedroia) is considered to be a 'can't miss' prospect with plus defensive and offensive skills. Other Sox shortstop prospects—like Jose Iglesias—are deemed to be deficient on one or the other side of the ball. If the Red Sox have committed this much cash to Marrero (84% of their total allotment on picks), they must view him as their shortstop of the future—making Iglesias, Xander Bogaerts and Jose Vinicio trade fodder over the next month. And, if they've really signed 18-year old Taiwanese shortstop Tzu-Wei Lin to a deal, the position is even more crowded.