Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sox Close To Signing Yet Another Shortstop

Is Tzu-Wei-Lin Headed To Hub?
The Red Sox will have a boatload of potential players at shortstop over the next few years. In the pipeline already are Jose Iglesias, Xander Bogaerts and Jose Vinicio. In the recent draft they took Arizona State shortstop Deven Marrero. And now, it appears they are close to signing yet another player at the position—an 18-year old Taiwanese player named Tzu-Wei Lin. Reportedly, Boston has offered $2.5 million in an attempt to beat the new restrictive guidelines that come into play next month. Lin has been pursued in past by The Evil Ones, so this potential signing takes on even more significance. Still, you have to wonder, where this logjam at short will lead. Is one or more of these prospects on the move soon?