Monday, May 14, 2012

NOG Plays It Classy With Derek Lowe

Derek Lowe (FenwayNation Photo)
Over the years, we've often been hyper-critical of the NOG (New Ownership Group) for a whole host of things. But, when they do things right, they deserve equal shares of credit. Before Friday night's game with the Cleveland Indians, all three NOG principals (John Henry, Tom Werner, Larry Lucchino) personally presented Derek Lowe with a new 2004 World Series ring—to replace one that had recently been stolen from Lowe's home. In addition, according to Lowe, they offered words of thanks for his Herculean efforts in securing the 2004 title (clinching wins in all three post-season series). That's the kind of gesture that makes you proud to be associated with the organization. And, most impressively, the NOG did not trot out The Mad Dentist to scream news of the episode to the hills. It was left to Derek Lowe himself to share it with us. So, kudos to the NOG for a classy job well done.