Wednesday, October 5, 2011

M.R. Phone Home

Just when you thought the saga of Black September couldn't get any weirder, here comes former Sox skipper Terry Francona on The Big Show On WEEI 93.7 FM saying that, after his departure, Manny Ramirez called and left a nice voicemail on his cell. Could this be any more ironic? The one guy who caused the majority of Francona's follicles to depart his head is the first in line to offer condolences. Wow!

The interview itself was (to paraphrase John Nance Garner's view of the vice-presidency) “not worth a bucket of warm spit". Tito essentially did the 'mea culpa' routine—setting himself up for the coming interviews for open managerial spots. The one quote that did resonate was:

"I saw a lot of guys expending energy on things we couldn't control."

READ: A few jerks in the clubhouse (likely mostly starting pitchers) cost me my job. Hey, at least Manny is a decent soul! (EDITOR'S NOTE: insert heavy sarcasm here).