Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Don't Ask, Don't Care

by Bill Collins, FN Editorial Board Member

Somewhere In The Pioneer Valley, October 12, 2011. I'm getting a wee bit tired of our Boston Red Sox. Yes, the season ended rather poorly. They actually ran out of enough wheels to fall off the team bus. Fine. It's done. Move on. But the Sox won't, the media won't, and the fans can't. The problem isn't the fact that they croaked. It's the fact that the Sox won't or can't let go of the drama. It has nothing to do with baseball. Yet they're equating keeping the team in the news with wringing every bit of drama out of mundane (and not-so-mundane) details. Yes, fans want to know why the season went south. Fine. But this probing into everything Sox is just wearisome. Address the problems behind closed doors, get your team and management together for 2012, and go watch some hockey. End of story.

I'm adopting and adapting the military's recent policy: "Don't ask, don't care." And that's going to be the Sox' biggest problem going into 2012 if they don't get rid of this turgid drama. People won't care. Sox games will lose in the tv ratings to reruns of My Mother the Car. And that's what will really bother the Sox brass.

So yes, I'm fatigued by all of it. Just make it go away.