Friday, September 2, 2011

Vermin Gone, Rangers In

Now that Fenway has been fumigated from the latest vermin infestation (which seemed more virulent than usual this year), we can turn our attention to the Texas Rangers. This is a team that comes to Boston kind of struggling to fend off a surprising Angels club—which is rich in starting pitching.

But this will be no tentative division leader that comes to the Fens. As usual, they are loaded with offense, sporting professional hitters like Michael Young (wasn't he supposed to be finished?), MVP Josh Hamilton, Ian Kinsler, and old friend Adrian Beltre (just off the DL).

The Rangers pitching is not exactlty chopped liver, either. While we miss B. J. Wilson, Texas will run out lefty Derek Holland (12 wins), Colby Lewis (11 wins), and another lefty, Matt Harrison (10 wins). The Sox counter with Miller, Bedard and Lackey.

In the meantime, the Evil Ones get the cupcake Blue Jays at The Concrete Bunker on 161st Street.