Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Manny Being Manacled

First, some full disclosure. Your humble scribe was a faithful Manny supporter for many years—until it was clear that he had done PEDs. I felt that he was the best right-handed hitter I had ever seen. And, he helped us to two World Series titles. I overlooked the outrageous behavior: quitting on the team, smacking Youkilis in the dugout, refusing to visit the kids at Dana Farber, knocking down traveling secretary Jack McCormick. All of it. Just 'Manny being Manny". But, after the obvious abuse of steroids, there was no ground on which to defend him.

Now he is (allegedly) abusing his wife. Manny was arrested yesterday and jailed on domestic battery charges. The victim this time was Juliana Ramirez, who alleges that her husband "slapped" her in the face, knocking her backward and causing her to hit her head.

We have to face up to reality, Nation. Manny is just a bad person—in every facet of his life. He cheated the fans, his fellow teammates, other MLB players, and, now, those closest to him. He was and is a fraud. We should not be proud of his association with the Red Sox, we should be ashamed of it.