Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lucky Seven For Wake?

Tonight, Tim Wakefield will make his seventh attempt to reach career win #200. He has been on a frustrating quest for this Holy Grail of pitching for some time now. His Red Sox teammates—who occasionally look like the 1927 Yankees on offense—have failed to deliver the run support needed to get where he needs to go.

Tonight, they need to step up for Tim. Even half of last night's 14-run outburst should be enough to secure #200. Come on, guys. Enough is enough.

No one is more deserving of a milestone like this than Tim Wakefield. By now, everyone knows of his on-field and off-field contributions as a member of the Red Sox community. Back in 2006, we recognized his efforts with the FenwayNation First Citizen Award. Tim Wakefield is the best of the best. All of us hope his seventh try is the charm.

(Exclusive FenwayNation Photo by Ernie Paicopolos)