Friday, July 8, 2011

Remembering First Fenway Game

Fifty-five years ago today, I attended my first game at Fenway Park. It was Sunday, July 8, 1956. My Dad brought me up the ramp and showed me the green splendor for the very first time. Yes, the world actually was in color in the 1950s.

Our seat was in Section 19, in Row 4 and my particular seat was 18. The ticket set my Dad back $1.90—$3.80 for both of us. I still have the ticket framed in my office (see photo above). Tom Yawkey's signature still dominates the ducat in two spots—with all his flaws, he was a larger than life owner.

The Red Sox swept the Orioles in a double-header that day—another lost feature of a lost era. I remember thinking that the Baltimore players forgot to wash their uniforms—they were a dismal grey compared with the brilliant Red Sox whites. I know Ted Williams was in the lineup, but I can't honestly say I remember what he did. I was only 4.

But on that July day so long ago, a chain reaction started that lives on to this day. A total, heart-and-soul commitment to the Olde Towne Team. I have my Dad and Fenway to thank for that.