Monday, July 18, 2011

The Legend Of 'Muddy Chicken'

In the wee hours of Monday morning, a new Boston baseball legend was born. Thanks to the intrepid reporting of WEEI's Rob Bradford, we now know the name of this new legend: The Muddy Chicken.

Forget 'Laser Show', or 'Captain In Waiting', the new (and probably permanent) nickname for the incomparable Dustin Pedroia is, you guessed it: The Muddy Chicken. Josh Beckett made reference to the new moniker several times in his post-game interview. And why not?

Not only did Dustin Pedroia knock in the game-winning run in the 16th inning (going 3 for 7 overall on the night), but he made two spectacular diving plays in the field, getting up (mud covered) to nail runners at first by an eyelash. He was—you'll pardon the expression—like a free-ranging Muddy Chicken.

So, while a lot of the Nation went to bed before this marathon ended, they were awoken by the shrill cries of the invincible Muddy Chicken.