Friday, July 15, 2011

Canadian Fakin'

The MLB Extra Innings package was made for days like yesterday. With the Sox enjoying an All-Star Break bonus day off, your humble scribe was forced to watch the Evil Ones battle the Jays at Rogers Centre (always and forever the SkyDome to me—and, by the way, why do Canadians have to tack an extra "e" onto everything?).

Anyway, there are few moments more joyful than watching the Yankees go down 8-0 after one inning—particularly with the bloated juicer Bartolo Colon on the hill. By contrast, there is nothing more angst-inducing that watching the Yankees crawl back into the game at 9-7 against the putrid Jo-Jo Reyes.

But all is well in the baseball firmament. Toronto finally got to the Empire's bullpen and cruised to a 16-7 win, pushing the Pinstripe Posers 1.5 games in back of the Sox. Even more laughable than the loss was Russel Martin's contention that the Jays were "stealing signs" during their many trips around the bases. Have the Yankees come to this level of excuse-mongering?

Ah, the splendor. Or is that splendore?