Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Face of Intestinal Turmoil

What the heck are the Red Sox going to do about John Lackey? As one of the unfortunate thousands in attendance at yesterday's debacle, I can confidently state that the rain was the least of our problems. It was the guy on the mound who was giving us all "intestinal turmoil".

After getting two strikes on the game's first batter (the very un-scary Will Venable), Lackey offered up a cupcake that was deposited deep into the right-field seats. Nice start. Several rain delays later, Lackey plunked a few, walked a few, and gave up some key hits to balloon the deficit to 5-0. Game. Set. Match. Series. Padres.

Were it not for the ridiculous "panic sign" contract, he would have been released weeks ago. As it is, he is a serious problem in a rotation that has only two (and maybe three) solid fixtures.

And, now they're off to a 9-game, DH-free road trip. Let's see how they emerge on the other side.