Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Shell-Lackey Is Back Again

On pace to amass 74 whole wins, your Boston Red Sox were swept away in the Great White North, falling tonight to the Jays, 9-3. John Lackey, whose ERA is approaching 1 run per inning (8.01), was again an abysmal embarrassment, coughing up 9 earned runs in 6 2/3 innings. What a horse, huh? Well, at least one part of the equine anatomy.

At what point do we acknowledge what a monumental mistake Lackey was? After the Empire signed Teixeira, Theo panic-signed the Best Available Mediocre Pitcher (BAMC) and way overpaid him. Remember the great "pitching and defense" scam of 2010?

Adrian Gonzalez continued to cement his Team MVP status with 2 more hits—including his seventh HR. He must be starting to wonder if staying in San Diego might have been a better career choice. Papi also went yard—his sixth.

Seventy-Four Wins, Baby! Yeesh!