Sunday, May 29, 2011

Commissioner ESPN

I am extremely tired of hearing what a great Commissioner Bud Selig is. Isn't this the same guy who presided over the Great Steroid Chase of 1998? You know, the one that 'saved' the sport by allowing freaks like McGwire and Sosa (and later Bonds) to make a mockery of the home run record.

And, while MLB has certainly prospered under his regime, we have also seen the enslavement of the sport to the big networks—most notably FOX and ESPN. Saturday afternoons are now generally bereft of baseball thanks to FOX (even if you've paid for the Extra Innings package), and now we are robbed of witnessing tonight's make-up game between Josh Beckett and Justin Verlander because Bud has ceded ESPN exclusive rights to Sunday night. [EDITOR'S NOTE: ESPN HAS BENT ITS RULES AND ALLOWED TONIGHT'S BROADCAST ON NESN] On top of everything, he gave us the stupidity of inter-league play.

So Selig has given us a sport controlled by his little coterie of preferred owners and powerful network executives. And his only true legacy will be the a lost era of steroid cheating. Let's stop praising him, shall we?