Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Set Of Modest Proposals

When we started FenwayNation in January of 2000, we wanted to be (at least to some degree) a haven for the rational Red Sox fan. We haven't always lived up to our mission statement over the last decade, but I think we need to do so now. This 2011 edition of the Red Sox is extremely talented. However, as we stated before the season started, there are some key flaws: serious catching issues, an over-rated rotation, and a bullpen full of question marks. Throw in a silly set of bloated expectations and you get a 2-9 start.

We do feel that the team needs shaking up—but only with sensible actions. Thus, our set of modest proposals to right the Good Ship Carmine Hose:

1.) Make Jed Lowrie the permanent SS. The kid can hit, he's a credible defender and he deserves a starting role. If he fails, put Scutaro back. No big deal.;

2.) Explore trade opportunities now for an everyday catcher. The Salty/Tek thing is not working out. The former can't throw or hit consistently, the latter is really showing his age.;

3.) Put Dice-K on the DL with 'Fenway Flu'; make Aceves the 5th starter. Maybe Dice-K can get his head on straight in a AAA rehab. Aceves has starting experience, and could not possibly be worse than Matsuzaka.;

4.) Put Ellsbury back in the lead-off spot. He belongs there. He can be the spark the offense needs. Show the same patience they had with Pedroia in his rookie year. Stick with him.;

5.) Hit Carl Crawford 5th. He doesn't like leading off, fine. Pedroia is your number 2, end of story. Gonzalez has to hit 3rd to maximize his at-bats. Youk is the only logical clean-up guy. Crawford fits in the five hole. Shut up, hit, steal some bases.

That's it. FenwayNation's five modest proposals to make things right.