Monday, April 25, 2011

Lackey's Big Mistake

Now I remember why I never liked John Lackey. He's a whiner and a malcontent on top of being wildly over-rated. After turning in two stellar performances (kind of what we are paying him a king's ransom for), he had to create ill will in an otherwise upbeat and resurgent Red Sox clubhouse.

After previously hinting at his displeasure about being 'skipped' in the rotation, he added fuel to the fire yesterday by saying he was "pi**ed off" at the slight. Really? Why, because we took advantage of a rain out to put far more competent pitchers ahead of him? Tough noogies, pal! When asked if he used the supposed slight as motivation, he shot back, "What do you think? What's it look like?'' Like his ridiculous salary isn't motivation enough?

I suggest that Mr. Lackey continue to pitch well and thank his lucky stars that he has a manager like Terry Francona, who even gives a crap about his inflated self worth. Because we, as fans, don't.