Thursday, March 31, 2011

REVIEW—MLB11: The Show

OK, let's start with a disclaimer. I'm over 50 and remember when "Pong" was the hot video game. So, my assessment of MLB11: The Show is purely based on the extent to which I'm having fun playing it—and very little to do with the geeky technical aspects. I left that part to my 15-year old son, who contributed his evaluation of the game to this review. Not that he's a geek or anything—you know what I mean!

Bottom line? MLB11: The Show is really fun to play. Some of the most impressive things to me are the little details that add so much to the realism of the experience—something SONY has always been good at. For example, if you look closely, you'll see that some players have clumps of mud on their cleats. Nice. I also noticed that in this year's version the pitcher can balk if he's not careful—excellent. And, while I hate the fact that hitters can call endless timeouts during real MLB at-bats, the fact that you can do it in this game lends even greater credibility to the experience.

OK, now the semi-geeky stuff. My son tells me that he likes the 'pure analog controls'. OK. He also likes something called the '2 versus 2 multi-player mode'. I'm down with that. And the 'Road To The Show' minor league mode is even better than before.

So, all in all, if you like baseball and you like playing a very realistic virtual version of it, go out and get MLB11: The Show. There's still none better.

You can find out more about MLB11: The Show HERE.