Tuesday, March 29, 2011

NESN Touts Robotic Cameras

It's a good thing Adrian Beltre has moved on. God knows what he would have done to one of the new NESN robotic cameras in the Red Sox dugout. If they ever came too close to his head—look out! You remember NESN, don't you? It's the same network that saw fit to televise a paltry number of Spring Training games this year (e.g., you can't see today's final game ever at City of Palms). They do, however, cram replays of Liverpool and Camelot Hotspur soccer games down our throats. (Hint for John Henry: Americans don't care about sports where the use of hands is illegal.)

So, that's nice that we have more robots in the dugout and more 'miced up' players. Maybe next year you can try out all that fancy technology on an acceptable slate of Spring Training games. Just a thought.