Monday, January 17, 2011

"Log-Jam" At SS A Good Thing

Sox GM Theo Epstein recently commented on the emerging competition at SS on the 2011 team. This is smart for several reasons.

First, avoiding complacency in baseball is a good thing. Marco Scutaro should not be complacent. Second, letting Jed Lowrie know that the brain trust still has faith in him is a good thing. The kid proved last year that he can still play. Third, the Sox can afford a knock-down-drag-out battle for SS since Jose Iglesias is waiting in the proverbial wings. Fourth, if both Scutaro and Lowrie perform well in Spring Training, one or the other could get dealt to fill another need (catcher jumps to mind).

Once again, Theo is thinking three or four steps ahead of the rest of us.