Thursday, December 9, 2010

Theo, Ownership Deserve Praise

The Red Sox ownership and Theo Epstein have—figuratively and literally—stepped up to the plate this off-season. Unwilling to endure another "bridge" year (and the ratings and revenue dips that would bring), they have secured two of the best players on the market through trade and free agency. And, in the process, they sacrificed no one from the major league roster.

Your humble scribe has been critical of the NOG often, but I am ordering a full complement of crow this morning. Obviously, the Liverpool expenditure did not hamper them in their efforts to grab two elite players (both offensively and defensively) in Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford. They will be mainstays of this team for many years to come, and it was the financial commitment of this ownership that gave us that. They deserve our thanks today.