Monday, November 8, 2010

Happy Birthday, RemDawg!

It was this writer's good fortune to have Jerry as my manager at Red Sox Fantasy Camp in Winter Haven back in 1992 (the final year at that 'dog' of a facility). Jerry had been in the broadcast booth for four years at that point, but he hadn't come anywhere near the cult status he enjoys today. At the time, he was eight years out of retirement, but still in pretty good playing shape (see photo above).

He was a good manager, giving our group of "wanna-be" major leaguers enough rope to hang ourselves on most days. My fondest memory was of him delighting in the ability to get me out in batting practice ("Lefty, huh? I know exactly how to get you—low and inside"). He did. Every time.

At the end of the week, in a game pitting ex-players against one another, Remy went yard to win a game for his team. Not bad, he said afterward, for a guy who only hit out 7 in ten years. Indeed.

Warmest birthday wishes go out from all of us to Red Sox legend Jerry Remy—President of Red Sox Nation.

(Photo by Gail M. Bloom)