Friday, October 1, 2010

Twenty-Win Skidoo

It was "lights out" on a 20-win season for Jon Lester, as he yielded 8 runs in just four innings as the Sox were drubbed by Chicago, 8-2. The lights at U.S. Cellular Field literally did go out for a time, forcing a 20-minute delay in the proceedings. The fact that Lester still loses focus in some outings (we can recall at least two other major floggings this year) is troublesome. But, no one can deny that he and Clay Buchholz will be the solid core of the rotation going forward. The offense, which was so potent early in the year, was again limited to just one or two contributors—Victor Martinez drove home Marco Scutaro with his 20th home run. V-Mart's average is also now back over the .300 mark. These are rather sad, almost pathetic losses to a White Sox team that had no life going into the series—not that these games mean anything anyway. So, now we are spoilers in the last three games, gunning to put the Pinstripe Posers in Wild Card purgatory.