Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Moronic Fans Interfere Again

The ghost of Jeffrey Maier lurked in the stands at the Concrete Bunker on 161st Street last night. You remember him, the 12-year old little twerp that propelled the Yankees past the O's in 1996 by interfering with a Jeter "home run". As the photo above clearly demonstrates, Yankee fans still have no sense of respect for the game—gleefully trying to obstruct Nelson Cruz's attempt to catch another Yankee "home run". Somehow, the umpiring crew refused to review the obvious violation— then (ironically) reversed another bogus Yankee home run later in the same inning. Not that it matters much. The Rangers are so out-classing the Pinstripe Posers that Yankee Elimination Day (a legal holiday in these parts) could come as early as this afternoon.