Friday, August 27, 2010

Cowbell This!

The biggest series of 2010 opens tonight in the horrific "Dismal Dome" in Tampa. The linchpin game may be the opener, with the Rays stellar young southpaw David Price facing our own lefty stud, Jon Lester. The stars are aligned for this one. A win by the Sox, and we move within 4.5 games of the post-season. A loss, and we fall 6.5 back with only 33 games left. Not a good place.

This rag-tag bunch of quadruple A players (your Navas, your McDonalds, your Kalishes, etc.) are still in this thing despite 20 trips to disabled list (9 of them All-Stars).

So, sit back and enjoy this series. It could be the start of something special for September. Or, it could mean we start paying attention to that other team—you know the one with no defense that just lost to a one-win team.

Buckle up!