Thursday, June 2, 2022

Now Is The Time For The Red Sox To 'Trade Up' To Relevance

Despite the recent surge of optimism for your Carmine Hose, they still lost three of five—at home—to the pathetic Orioles. Moreover, they went 3-4 on the recent home-stand against those Orioles and the even more pathetic Reds team. This is no championship team right now. In fact, they're struggling to get to .500. 

What's needed right now is a major trade—to bring multiple relievers and a major-league quality first-baseman to Boston. You can't solve all of the problems with one trade—but the bullpen and first are the most egregious failures. Perhaps the return of Chris Sale and the relative consistency of Nick Pivetta and Nathan Eovoldi will stabilize the rotation. 

If the Red Sox are not serious about re-signing Xander Bogaerts (which appears the case), then trade him now. It's shameful that this even has to be considered—but apparently John Henry cares more about foreign soccer and NASCAR than keeping franchise players on his baseball team. 

The only alternative is to punt on 2022, bring up Triston Casas to play first—while gouging regional fans with the $29.99/month NESN 360 'streaming' service. I'm tired of Henry's act. Can we get some local ownership, please?